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If you’re like us, you waited way too long to upgrade away from Rails 2. Here’s a script to change your view extensions from .rhtml to .html.erb.


for dir in app/views/* ; do
  for file in $dir/*.rhtml ; do
    leftname=`basename $file rhtml`
    `svn mv $file $dir/${leftname}html.erb`

Just run it from the root dir of your project. The script assumes you’re using SVN, but can be easily modified for other source control…

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At camelcamelcamel, we use Olivaw to download our affiliate reports every morning, which we then import into our database.  This seemed useful to all affiliates, so I’ve open-sourced the code.

Grab it at GitHub!

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Thanks to a few 1k+ days, we managed to pull this off well before the self-imposed deadline on 2012-12-31.  Congrats, team Camel!

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10,000 miles in about a year, not bad.

(It was at 32k by the end of the trip.)

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Not even two months since we hit 40k and already we’re up to 50k!  This is the result of an average ~180 signups/day over the last 50 days, and bodes well for 2012.

Congratulations Ben, ****, and Nithya!  Our efforts are paying off.